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Oval Crib Sheets

Introducing Oval Crib Sheets, Available March 2015! Now you can buy more than just white sheets. Liz and Roo manufactures oval crib sheets in a variety of clean, contemporary patterns. Our oval crib sheets feature 100% cotton, a one inch elastic band that goes all the way around the sheet to hug the mattress tightly, and extra depth for the perfect fit. Liz and Roo’s oval crib sheets are made in USA, ensuring a high level of detail and quality of construction. 

Choose from our pink and gray mini chevron, our whimsical gray elephant pattern, gray chelsea (a small medallion pattern), “Easton” (a geometric in gray, taupe, and seafoam green), plus pink chelsea and gray polka dots. Swatches all shown below.



Then, coordinate your oval sheet with a changing pad and luxe, plush faux fur blanket for your baby! Each oval crib sheet has a coordinating changing pad and the softest blanket ever, the minky faux fur blanket by Liz and Roo. 



All our crib sheets carry an unconditional guarantee. 

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