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Hand-Sewn Receiving Blankets and Loveys

There are few things babies find more comfortable—or comforting—than a well-made receiving blanket. Liz and Roo’s luxe faux fur baby receiving blankets in plush, cozy faux fur are the ultimate quality in baby blankets. Baby receiving blankets are great for tummy time, wrapping up baby while in a glider, rocker or stroller. The Pediatric Society of America recommends “bare is best,” and baby should not be placed in the crib with any blanket.

Our Little Roo Loveys are ideal security blankets for babies. Each features our signature kangaroo puff patch in satin that your baby will love to touch. The Little Roo Lovey makes naptime, nighttime and transitions easier. Each lovey and baby blanket is handmade by sewing artisans in Kentucky.

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