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Best Baby Nursery Checklist

When you’re expecting a baby, whether it’s your first or your tenth, setting up the nursery is one of the most exciting times. Given the plethora of items available on the market today, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out exactly what you and baby will truly need.

Liz and Roo is here to help you sort out the needs from the wants. Follow the Liz and Roo Baby Nursery Checklist and the only thing you’ll have left to do will be to wait for your baby to make his or her appearance.

Blake Lively inspired nursery featuring Liz and Roo crib bedding

Baby Nursery Checklist

1. Crib and crib bedding. Even if you’re planning to have baby sleep in a bassinet during the first few months, you’ll want to select and purchase a crib right from the start. It’s a great, safe place to lay baby down, and he or she will get comfortable with the space when it’s time to make the nighttime move. Getting the coordinating crib bedding before baby is born makes sense. And, we just so happen to know where you can find some extraordinarily beautiful, high-quality, made in USA bumperless crib bedding! Check out our selection here.

Buck Woodland Crib Bedding Set by Liz and Roo

2. Glider. Late night feedings will be so much more comfortable for both you and baby when you have a designated place to snuggle together. Your husband will love it too. He’ll be doing some nighttime duty, too! Gliders today are luxe and have come a long way from what your mother used (a rocker) but a rocker will do the job, too!

3. Sound machine or white-noise app/device. Help baby sleep more soundly, and help the rest of the family live their lives without constant worry about making noise that will wake baby.

4. Baby monitor. There are lots of options available – from super simple to high-tech cameras with sensors and alarms. Gauge your comfort-level to decide the best fit for your family and you’ll breathe easier knowing you can keep an ear and/or eye on baby at all times. The new monitors with video can provide real peace of mind. Parents.com has a great review of baby monitors with all the pros and cons and tips for buying. 

5. Odor-free diaper pail. You will never regret this purchase, especially after you’ve dealth with your first few blow-outs.

6. Soft light or night light. This will make it so much easier for you to take a peek at your sleeping baby without worrying about waking him or her with a bright light.

7. Changing pad and washable changing pad cover. Having a designated spot for changing baby makes it much easier to keep your nursery and changing materials organized. Plus, a contoured changing pad (the most popular style) gives baby a soft, safe place for diaper changes. Contoured changing pad covers can tie into the overall nursery theme and add a stylish touch to the room. Make sure that it is high-quality, durable, and washable. This is an item that will get washed regularly for sure! Check out the Liz and Roo selection of contoured changing pad covers here.

8. Play mat or rug. Give baby a place to spread out and play. Tummy time and crawling practice will become a part of daily life as baby grows, and you’ll be happy to have a safe spot for baby to hang out. We suggest these stunning, washable Lorena Canals rugs. They make a great finishing touch to nursery decor.

Lorena Canals Rugs for Nursery

9. Swing or bouncer. This item is likely to become your best friend and sanity saver! You’ll soon realize you don’t know how you’d function without it, especially if you ever need to do anything that requires 2 hands, such as make dinner or brush your hair! Here’s a great link to a review of the Top Five Baby Bouncers

10. Books, softs toys, stuffed animals. You want baby to love their nursery (it makes night time so much easier!), so make sure it’s a fun and inviting place for them. Get lots of books. Reading to baby should be a nightly event. Remember never to put anything in the crib, no matter how cute, with your newborn. Stuffed animals belong outside the crib.

Round this list off with plenty of clothes, diapers and wipes, and bathing and feeding supplies, and you’ll be ready for baby!

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