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What to Pack: 10 Must Haves In Your Hospital Bag

You’re ready to pack your hospital bag, which means you’ll be meeting your new arrival very soon! Don’t wait until you are in labor; that’s likely to be a time when you are scrambling around and you don’t want to forget anything important (like the video camera)!

Here’s a list of essentials to pack to make your hospital stay more comfortable. It’s a good idea to have it packed four weeks before your due date, just in case your little one decides to surprise the world with an early arrival.

 Hospital Bag

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1. The Legal Stuff

Paperwork, paperwork … yes, you’ll need this and some hospitals can be sticklers for these items. Bring your driver’s license, your insurance card, and any special papers you’ve signed (are you saving the baby’s cord blood? You’ll need the papers for that). If you have a birth plan, bring that, too.

2. Comfy Pajamas, a Lightweight Robe, Slippers or Socks



pajamas    socks

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Now is the time to invest in some new pajamas. You’ll want a nightgown or shirt with a stretchy neckline for breastfeeding. In fact, we recommend you bring two, because they can easily get stained and you’ll want to change. If you’re having a C-section, make sure to get pajama pants that sit low on the waist so it won’t bother your incision. Maternity yoga pants and nursing tank tops will be your best friend when you have visitors and feel you need to be a little more covered up. 

If you’re at all squeamish about germs, you’ll want to bring some flip flops to wear in the shower. Slippers will come in handy when you’re walking the halls during labor. And after the delivery, your doctor and nurses will want you walking laps in the halls to help aid in recovery. Socks with the little rubber grips at the bottom are handy to have, too.

3. Boppy Pillow


Boppy Pillow

A Boppy Pillow is not only great for breastfeeding, but also for propping your baby up on your bead or the sofa in your room. Your little one will enjoy the change of scenery from the plastic hospital bassinet.




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4. Scratch Mittens for Baby

Scratch mittensIt’s hard to believe, but newborns can have sharp fingernails that will scratch their faces unless they are wearing a pair of scratch mittens. Besides being functional, you’ll get a good laugh from how much your baby looks like they’re wearing boxing gloves!          

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5. Baby Blanket

 Ivory Toscana Minky Receiving Blanket

The hospital will provide you with swaddling blankets, but you’ll need another blanket to cover up your baby in the car seat when you’re leaving the hospital. Our Liz and Roo Minky with plush, cozy faux fur is the ultimate in high-quality baby blankets. If your hospital provides newborn photography, this blanket will look great in pictures.

6. Electronics (Cell phone, camera, video camera, chargers)

You’ll want to take a million photos and videos, so come prepared. It’s a good idea to bring an easy to use point-and-shoot camera in case any nurses or visitors want to take photos. In addition to your cell phone and charger, bring a phone and email list of friends and family to contact after the birth. Some of the people you want to notify might not be stored in your phone.

7. Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

You (well, most likely your spouse or partner) will be hungry at some point during labor. Pack Vitamin waters, trail mix, an apple, crackers and protein bars. Have it on hand so he doesn’t have to slip off somewhere to get snacks while you’re in labor!




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8. Nursing Supplies

 Nursing Pads

You may not need them until after you go home, but pack some nursing pads and lanolin just in case.







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9. Going Home Outfit & Newborn Hat – For You, Too!

 Baby Going Home Outfit

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It’s tempting to want to pack all of those cute newborn outfits you have hanging in the nursery closet, but in reality you’ll want to dress your baby simply for check-ups, diaper changings and feedings. Pack a cute going home outfit and newborn hat for pictures, though. You’ll want to pack something comfortable, but special, for yourself for going home. It’s highly likely there will be visitors stopping by to see your precious one, and you want to look your best, too!

10. Big Sister/Big Brother Gifts

 Big Sister/Big Brother Gift

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Make sure the big brother or big sister doesn’t feel left out. It’s a long-standing tradition that the new baby gives his or her big brother or sister a gift.  Make sure it is wrapped and make a big deal about the gift “from” the new baby! 

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